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This preliminary setup will lead to a prototype simultaneous XRD/XRF instrument. View document


Moxtek® delivers each AP window in a mount appropriate for each customer. The windows are bonded to a mount using vacuum compatible adhesive. This Technical Note provides general guidelines to use when designing mounts for Moxtek AP windows. View document

A first prototype XRD/XRF instrument was developed at NASA Ames Research Center and is currently in use at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The intended applications for this instrument are for planetary exploration and as a portable instrument for terrestrial use. View document


The MX-40 has a very small gate capacitance (0.26 pF). This is accomplished by making the diameter (“width”) of the gate very small. View document

To gain a better understanding and measure of miniature x-ray sources so that performance can be optimized in your application. View document


The electron field-emission properties of carbon nanotubes enable the fabrication of cold cathodes for a variety of vacuum device applications. The utilization of these cathodes is an attractive alternative for the replacement of thermionic or hot cathodes for generating X-rays. View document

The wire grid polarizer (WGP) is one of the most useful optical components in the field. Potential applications include optical Isolation, spectroscopy, and imaging in the defense, security, forensics, astronomy, and telecomm industries. View document

The wire grid polarizer  is one of the most useful optical components in the field. Potential markets exist in Optical Isolation, Imaging, and Spectroscopic applications in Defense, Security, Forensics, Astronomy, Communications, and Industrial Lasers. View document

With the miniaturization of XRF instrumentation, there has been a need for a compact, portable, battery-powered X-ray tube. In 2001 MOXTEK introduced a miniature X-ray tube designed to address the needs of handheld XRF analyzers. View document