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MXDPP-50 Digital Pulse Processor Quick Start Guide View document

MXDPP-50 Digital Pulse Processor Programmers Reference Manual View document

MXDPP-50 Digital Pulse Processor Operation Manual View document

Moxtek® X-ray Windows are very thin and fragile, great care should be taken while handling these windows. The guidelines below must be strictly followed in order to prevent damage to the window. View document

AP3 ultra-thin polymer windows manufactured at Moxtek® receive two quality inspections before being shipped to customers, once before installation into various mounts View document

Moxtek® DuraBeryllium® windows are the highest performing beryllium x-ray windows available. DuraBeryllium windows are light tight, have high x-ray transmission, are vacuum tight, and corrosion resistant. View document

The XPIN-XT detector is a compact, low-cost Energy Dispersive X-Ray Florescence (EDXRF) detector. The XPIN-XT combines a silicon PIN diode, a Moxtek ultra-low-noise JFET, and a high performance two-stage thermoelectric cooler (TEC) achieving great resolution and x-ray sensitivity. View document