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Mounted Absorptive Polarizers
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Mounted Ultra Boradband Polarizers
Polarizer Comparison Tool

Small Cut Polarizers
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Wire-Grid Polarizers and Beamsplitters


Moxtek® polarizers & beam splitters are the preferred choice for many applications that demand performance, wide angle of incidence, and temperature durability.  Moxtek® broadband products are built using state-of-the-art nano-scale patterning technology.

  • Uniform Transmission & Reflection
  • High Transmission, High Contrast
  • Wavelength Independent
  • Wide Angle of Incidence
  • High Temperature Durability
Configurable Parameters
  • Transmission levels
  • Contrast levels
  • Size
  • Transmission axis
  • Visual criteria
  • Shape

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  • ISO 9001:2015

  • 41 patents filed, 7 published patents, 62 issued patents

  • SID Silver Award – 2001

    R&D 100 Award – 2001