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Engineering innovation is a lifestyle. We live and breathe it everyday as we focus on precision solutions that will empower cutting-edge technologies to shatter barriers and advance scientific breakthroughs. See the possibilities.

Innovating Since 1986

In 1986, Moxtek began with a collaboration, resulting in an exciting first breakthrough—our ultra-thin polymer X-ray window. This got us hooked on discovery. So alongside our partners, we continued to push the limits of performance in projection, imaging, and optics, completely revolutionizing the technology along the way.

Since then, we’ve become a leading supplier of advanced nano-optical and X-ray components for display electronics, imaging and analytical instrumentation.

Collaboration at The Core

We’re involved in the caliber of innovation that demands collaboration. Our current and future partners are vital in our advancements to develop and manufacture new technologies. We consistently welcome new customers, new partners and new ideas because these are at the core of our mutual success.

Extreme Quality

Attention to detail is built into our development and manufacturing culture. We focus on quality in all activities to produce the very best results and products. Our goal is to be your preferred supplier or partner. We get there by infusing a high level of attention and detail into the things you care about.

From Moxtek, you should always expect an extreme commitment to customer satisfaction, quality control requirements, continual improvement, and effective collaboration.

Moxtek Timeline

Making ideas reality since 1986

  • Newton writes Theory on Light
    The Periodic Table is developed
    Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered X-rays or Röntgen rays
    Herni Becquerel discovers natural radioactivity while researching fluorescence
    William Coolidge invented the Coolidge x-ray tube
    Moxtek is founded in Orem, UT, USA







  • Moxteks first x-ray product launched, the Ultra-thin polymer x-ray window
    DuraBeryllium x-ray window released
    Nippon Kayaku establishes Polatechno, Co., Ltd.
    Moxtek releases specialty-coated beryllium window
    Moxtek releases high-performance, ultra-low noise JFET
    Moxtek releases Si-PIN detector
    Moxtek's first optic product released, the Wire-grid polarizer







  • Moxtek releases miniature Bullet X-ray source
    Moxtek releases ProFlux polarizer
    Society of Information Display (SID) presents Silver Award to Moxtek for ProFlux
    Moxtek x-ray window
    lands on Mars
    Moxtek's ProFlux introduced as key component in LCoS HDTV
    Polatechno, Co., Ltd. acquires Moxtek (6Sigma and 5S)
    Moxtek expands campus for X-ray business
    Moxtek expands campus with new admin, optics manufacturing, and research building
    Moxtek expands campus with additional building for research and development
    Moxtek releases the XPIN Detector








  • Moxtek expands campus with a new building for x-ray windows production
    Moxtek earns ISO 9001 certification
    Moxtek expands campus with a new building for Administration
    Moxtek expands campus with a new building for optics production





Our People
  • Shigeyuki Kawamura

    Shigeyuki Kawamura


    With Moxtek since 2013

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    Shigeyuki Kawamura, CEO

    I love Utah's majestic nature—the views, the mountains and arches. There's always something to do. For example, trekking, skiing, snowboarding and, of course, relaxing.

    As CEO, I have the opportunity to focus on future business for Moxtek. The most enjoyable aspect of what I get to do has to be searching for exciting new markets that will benefit from our technologies.

  • Matt Free

    Matt Free

    Director of Optics Sales and Marketing

    With Moxtek since 2002

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    Matt Free, Director of Optics Sales and Marketing

    I can't get enough of Utah's rich opportunities for camping, fishing and snowmobiling. The mountains and desert always leave you wanting more.

    I've made it a high-priority goal to work with happy people, and day after day, that's what I get at Moxtek.

  • Eric Gardner

    Eric Gardner

    VP & Chief Optics Technology Officer

    With Moxtek since 1998

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    Eric Gardner, VP & Chief Optics Technology Officer

    You don’t have to go far to get out of the city to live in a more calm and rural setting – and even the big city isn’t so big.

    Moxtek never stops—in a great way. I especially love my role in ensuring that our products are on the leading edge. We're always searching and finding that new way to improve our products—and those next applications of our technologies.

  • Kris Kozaczek

    Kris Kozaczek

    VP & X-ray Business Unit Manager

    With Moxtek since 2009

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    Kris Kozaczek, VP & X-ray Business Unit Manager

    Utah skiing- It's what I enjoy about our location more than anything. My resorts of choice are The Canyons and Snowbird.

    I truly appreciate the independence I experience at Moxtek. Coming up with ideas, deciding where to go with product lines, then making it happen. It's all a part of the Moxtek lifestyle.

  • Josh Wong

    Josh Wong

    X-ray Product Manager

    With Moxtek since 2004

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    Josh Wong, X-ray Product Manager

    What don't I enjoy about Utah? I love its people, its nature and its recreational activities. I really get into the great mountain biking, hiking, canyoneering and skiing.

    Moxtek makes very interesting products, and I enjoy being a part of it. I get to associate with great people every day.

  • Shaun Ogden

    Shaun Ogden

    Optics Product Manager

    With Moxtek since 1998

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    Shaun Ogden, Optics Product Manager

    Within thirty minutes from our Moxtek facilities, I can go rock climbing, snow skiing, water skiing, fishing, and mountain biking.

    I get to work with a diverse group of intellectually talented people; all of which are really genuine. They make the work place and our entire industry better.

  • Dave Crawford

    Dave Crawford

    Optics Sales Manager

    With Moxtek since 2003

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    Dave Crawford, Optics Sales Manager

    When I am in Utah I am home. I grew up here and I feel a deep connection to this place. The mountains, the streams and lakes, and even the high desert feel as natural to me as my own living room.

    Frankly, I like a good challenge. And Moxtek customers always raise unique and interesting ones to tackle. Every day is different, giving me the motivation I need to find new and innovative solutions.

  • Brad Harris

    Brad Harris

    X-Ray Business Development & Product Manager

    With Moxtek since 2012

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    Brad Harris, X-Ray Business Development & Product Manager

    I am proud of Moxtek core technology of miniature size and high tech films. We see a lot of high impact opportunities to enter new markets with new ideas.

    I am from Utah and love the unique outdoor opportunities the state offers. As I travel the world, I'm reminded that there's no place like home, there is no place like home.

  • Alex Gao

    Alex Gao

    Optics Business Development

    With Moxtek since 2016

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    Alex Gao, Optics Business Development

    Utah is an amazing place. I have come to love the four seasons, the mountains and even the fabulous, expanding food and drink selections. New tech companies are always opening, bringing in people from all around the world and making a unique and diversified culture.

    Moxtek is all about Innovation. Due to constant changes of customer requirements, Moxtek ensures that the organization is able to adapt based on the current customer requirements hence, we revolutionize and innovate our products. I enjoy being part of such an organization that does great things for people not only in terms of technology but also in terms of connecting with people.

  • Dan Paas

    Dan Paas

    X-Ray Sales Manager

    With Moxtek since 2011

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    Dan Paas, X-Ray Sales Manager