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Light filtered by a ProFlux Beamsplitter

Light filtered by a ProFlux Beamsplitter

Comparison Tool

Polarizing Beamsplitter


Our ProFlux® beamsplitters are optimized for 45° and can be used for imaging and non-imaging applications for display products and scientific instruments.

Made with highly durable materials, ProFlux® products have high performance and durability providing bright images for the life of a projector. ProFlux® beamsplitters align with the liquid crystal displays to provide uniformity even over large apertures making it an excellent design choice.

  • Brightness and contrast uniformity
  • Excellent for fast systems with f/# < 2
  • Wavelength and AOI independent
  • High reliability
  • High heat resistance
Configurable Parameters
  • Transmisson levels
  • Contrast levels
  • Size
  • Transmission axis
  • Visual criteria
  • Shape

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