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X-Ray Sources and Patents View document

X-ray spectroscopy applications and equipment are becoming more portable and are entering harsh environments away from controlled clean environments. This results in a need for more robust X-ray components which are able to handle harsh environments. We are measuring the resistance of different X-ray windows produced by Moxtek Inc. to corrosive and harsh environments. Read more

DuraBeryllium Plus windows demonstrated the greatest resistance to a variety of corrosive elements. This resistance was seen even after the parts had been baked at temperatures up to 400°C. Read more

Moxtek® is a leading manufacturer of X-ray windows for low energy X-ray detection. Moxtek manufactures ultra-thin polymer X-ray windows that are attached to metal mounts which house energy dispersive X-ray detectors such as Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs). These windows allow for transmission of low energy X-rays while maintaining a hermetic seal critical for the X-ray […] Read more

Moxtek® delivers each AP window in a mount appropriate for each customer. The windows are bonded to a mount using vacuum compatible adhesive. This Technical Note provides general guidelines to use when designing mounts for Moxtek AP windows. View document

Moxtek offers DuraBeryllium windows mounted in vacuum fittings (CF flanges) with a proprietary high temperature metal seal and both DuraCoat and DuraCoat Plus protective films. View document