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For over 25 years Moxtek has improved the quality of life through expert partnerships and consistent breakthroughs in science and technology. Moxtek has partnered with many prestigious private and government research institutions as well as small and large businesses. You can join in the Moxtek history of innovation as our research partner.

Research Partners
  • Chemplex

    Chemplex + Moxtek: Experts Working alongside Experts

    Chemplex Industries, Inc., based in Palm City, Florida, is an industry leader in the X-ray spectrochemical sample preparation field. They consistently dedicate their efforts to innovation and responsive advancement of the industry. As such, they engaged Moxtek in a partnership to assist in an exciting project.

    Side-by-side, Chemplex and Moxtek worked to develop a homogeneous sample that would fluoresce low-energy x-rays for making repeatable x-ray transmission measurements through thin films. We attribute the success to the minds of both organizations.

  • Utah Nanofab

    Nanofab, a History of Collaboration

    Moxtek has a long history with the University of Utah’s Nanofab, a facility dedicated to furthering research through collaboration. Together we’ve worked on a variety of projects ranging from chemical analysis to analytics. We most recently collaborated on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). This dealt with the thin film conformal coating on our Gen 5.2 protective product line. We worked together to study material properties and to give valuable experience to university students.

  • Eastern Applied Research

    Eastern Applied Research and Moxtek

    Eastern Applied Research, Inc. has been providing XRF analyzers to its customers for the past twenty years. Eastern Applied Research and Moxtek both focus on creating solutions that meet our specific customer needs.

    Moxtek and Eastern Applied Research have collaborated on many projects over the past decade.

    Eastern Applied works with Moxtek to develop new coating materials for our x-ray source research. We’ve also collaborated on the specifications and needs for our XRF instrumentation equipment.

  • 4D Technology

    4D Technology & Moxtek Perfecting the Polarizer

    4D Technology based in Tucson, Arizona, designs and manufactures laser interferometers, surface roughness profilers and interferometry accessories, for accurate measurement of optics, optical systems and precision machined surfaces.

    In Moxtek’s efforts to better our polarizer and their product, we worked with 4D to obtain feedback on the performance of their sensor arrays and on the interaction of our polarizer with the array. This feedback was necessary in creating a part that could perform short exposure measurements accurately, while functioning in a cold space environment on the James Webb Space Telescope. Our partnership helped us reduce reflection, crosstalk, and interference patterns to achieve the overall performance requirements of their product using our improved polarizer.

  • Space Dynamics

    Space Agency + Moxtek: The Technology to Fit the Mission

    There are few endeavors more exciting than space exploration. Alongside one of the world's top space agencies, we pushed the limits of their technology and ours. Moxtek's team of experts collaborated with some of the top minds in the world, and the result was a custom version of our X-ray window that fit into their state-of-the-art planetary explorer.

    It was a proud moment for our team when our technology made it to Mars, helping to further the efforts of space exploration.

  • PIKE Technologies

    PIKE & Moxtek

    PIKE specializes in the development and manufacture of accessories and optical systems that enhance the performance of commercial spectrometers.

    Moxtek works with Pike in creating custom polarizers to meet their specific product needs. Our polarizers are used in Pike’s FTIR, NIR, and UV-Vis spectrometer accessories. This partnership has enabled PIKE to develop new and improved accessories, and has provided a platform for Moxtek to continuously improve our technology and services.

Partner With Us

At Moxtek, we believe that our future lies in productive collaboration. Let us know if you are interested in working together.

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