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Moxtek now has a full energy dispersive detector solution with Moxtek’s MXDPP-50. We will present characterization details of the DPP with Moxtek’s XPIN® detectors, including resolution verses peaking time, resolution and peak channel verses the input count rate, and other characterization details. View document

Moxtek offers DuraBeryllium windows mounted in vacuum fittings (CF flanges) with a proprietary high temperature metal seal and both DuraCoat and DuraCoat Plus protective films. View document

Moxtek® DuraBeryllium® windows are the highest performing beryllium x-ray windows available. DuraBeryllium windows are light tight, have high x-ray transmission, are vacuum tight, and corrosion resistant. View document


Manufacture of X-ray tubes requires state-of-the-art characterization techniques. For many years photographic film has been the traditional technique for the characterization of the electron-beam spot size and location, as well as for taking X-ray images. View document

The XPINXT package is ideal for benchtop and portable applications where an integrated temperature controller is not required. View document

The XPIN detector is Moxtek’s best performing Si-PIN detector. XPIN detectors use a silicon PIN diode, multi-layer collimator, and thin DuraBeryllium window, achieving great resolution and x-ray sensitivity. View document

AP5 ultra-thin polymer windows are the highest performing x-ray windows available for low and high energy x-ray analysis. AP5 windows are ideal for applications that require maximum View document

ProLINE™ Series windows are ideal for applications that require high transmission of low energy x-rays. ProLINE Series windows have higher performance than stretched polypropylene and other commonly used WDXRF windows. View document

Moxtek® manufactures low-power, miniature x-ray sources for a variety of applications including handheld and benchtop instruments. Moxtek sources are small, lightweight, and can be packaged into custom enclosures. The MAGNUM® x-ray source produces high output with a small spot size. View document