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Introducing MOXTEK’s

X-ray Transition Energy App

Many of you are familiar with the X-ray transition energy slider that we made many years ago and have given away to thousands of people. We have built upon that success and taken the same tool to the digital age! Not only is it now able to be with you anywhere and anytime you have access to your phone or tablet, but it also has easy to use searching features. You can search for specific elements and display all the energies for up to 4 elements on the same screen. Or, if you have a particular energy peak that you need to identify you can search for that energy and easily find all of the elements that might be there in an intuitive and easy to use interface. For any of you who aren’t familiar with XRF, this tool allows us to identify elements by using a fluorescent energy “fingerprint” for each element and this app makes it easy to lookup elements or energies when analyzing spectra or just writing reports!

Download our app by scanning this QR code with your phone’s camera

What does the app do?

  1. Easy reference for atomic x-ray transition energies
  2. Side-by-side placement of energies for up to 4 elements at a time
  3. Easy search for all of the transition energies for a chosen element (up to 4 at a time)
  4. Easy search for all elements that might potentially have a peak in a specified energy range