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Infrared Polarizers

Infrared Polarizers
Polarizer Comparison Tool

Infrared Polarizers


BIR Series – NIR to SWIR

BIR series polarizers are designed for the near-wave (NW) & mid-wave (MW) infrared regions from 700nm to 2.5μm. These polarizers are optimized with a high contrast version and a high transmission version.

SIR Series – MWIR to LWIR

SIR series polarizers are designed for mid-wave (MW) & long-wave (LW) infrared regions from 3-5μm and from 8-12μm using AR coated silicon substrates. These broadband polarizers are designed to have both excellent contrast and transmission.

If an extreme amount of contrast is needed, two infrared high contrast polarizers can be stacked together.

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  • Brightness and contrast uniformity
  • >20° half angle without performance loss
  • Wavelength and AOI independent
  • High heat resistance
Configurable Parameters
  • Transmission levels
  • Contrast levels
  • Size
  • Transmission axis
  • Visual criteria

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