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Mounted Polarizers
Moxtek can cut polarizers to various shapes and sizes

Mounted Polarizers
Polarizer Comparison Tool

Moxtek can cut polarizers to various shapes and sizes
Polarizer Comparison Tool

UV Polarizers


Our Ultraviolet polarizers are used for a wide range of UV and broadband applications where performance, contrast, and durability is important. Our UVT and UVD Series polarizers offer excellent broadband performance into the IR wavelengths. New applications are emerging.

Our UVT and UVD Series ProFlux Nanowire Ultraviolet polarizers offer excellent solutions for UV and DUV applications. High transmission and high contrast choices are available. The high transmission products are indicated by UVT and the high contrast products are indicated by UVD. Our UVT series are naturally capable of broadband applications into the NIR spectral range to 4μm.

Use of polarizers in the ultraviolet spectrum is a demanding environment. Our ProFlux is ready for the challenge.

  • Brightness and contrast uniformity
  • >20° half angle without performance loss
  • Wavelength and AOI independent
  • High heat resistance
Configurable Parameters
  • Transmission levels
  • Contrast levels
  • Size
  • Transmission axis
  • Visual criteria

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