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Mounted Visible Polarizers
Moxtek can cut polarizers to various shapes and sizes

Mounted Visible Polarizers
Polarizer Comparison Tool

Moxtek can cut polarizers to various shapes and sizes
Polarizer Comparison Tool

 Visible Polarizers


Reflective – PPL, PFU and RCV series

Proflux® reflective polarizers control light and image polarization even in high energy and high temperature applications. These polarizers have high transmission and reflection and are optimized for high contrast or for high efficiency.

Absorptive – ABS series

Proflux® absorptive polarizers are optimized to absorb unwanted RGB light bands, reducing stray light and thermal loading caused by back reflections common in LCD projection displays.

  • Brightness and contrast uniformity
  • >20° half angle without performance loss
  • Wavelength and AOI independent
  • High heat resistance
Configurable Parameters
  • Transmission levels
  • Contrast levels
  • Size
  • Transmission axis
  • Visual criteria
  • Shape

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