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The ProFlux BIR Series Infrared polarizer, designed using Moxtek Nanowire Technology, provides unparalleled broadband infrared performance. Moxtek’s high volume production capacity ensures availability and supports high volume applications. View document

Wire-grid polarizers are now available for broadband visible applications. This type of polarizer is very attractive for projection display applications because of its high efficiency, high contrast, and extreme temperature and flux tolerance. View document


X-ray spectroscopy applications and equipment are becoming more portable and are entering harsh environments away from controlled clean environments. This results in a need for more robust X-ray components which are able to handle harsh environments. We are measuring the resistance of different X-ray windows produced by Moxtek Inc. to corrosive and harsh environments. Read more


The Moxtek Proflux UVD260 and UVD240 analyzers provide superior broadband performance in spectroscopy applications ranging from 240nm in the Deep UV up to 3.3μm in the mid-wavelength infrared. Moxtek Proflux designs utilize wafer-scale aluminum Nanowire fabrication technology to produce the finest-pitch commercial wire grid polarizers on the market. These deeply sub-wavelength optics offer the benefits of conserved space, an exceptionally wide field acceptance angle, minimal performance variation with wavelength, and none of the dramatic short-wavelength infrared disturbances present in Glan-Taylor and Glan-Thompson polarizers. View document

The Moxtek® wire grid polarizer technology offers a reliable, highly durable solution to high quality LCoS display technology with a perfect polarization match to the LC imager. Recent improvements in the polarizing beam splitter (PBS) technology enable a 10% improvement in efficiency. Introduction This technical brief compares imaging needs and how Moxtek is improving its […] Read more

Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) instrument manufacturers and research labs are continually pressing for x-ray components that enable higher performance at a lower cost. High performing x-ray detectors are critical to building quality instruments. Moxtek® has improved the sensitivity of our Si-PIN detectors by using thicker diodes and thinner beryllium windows. The increased performance enables faster […] Read more


DuraBeryllium Plus windows demonstrated the greatest resistance to a variety of corrosive elements. This resistance was seen even after the parts had been baked at temperatures up to 400°C. Read more


Moxtek® is a leading manufacturer of X-ray windows for low energy X-ray detection. Moxtek manufactures ultra-thin polymer X-ray windows that are attached to metal mounts which house energy dispersive X-ray detectors such as Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs). These windows allow for transmission of low energy X-rays while maintaining a hermetic seal critical for the X-ray […] Read more


MXDPP-50 Digital Pulse Processor Quick Start Guide View document


MXDPP-50 Digital Pulse Processor Programmers Reference Manual View document