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An Improved Polarizing Beamsplitter LCOS Projection Display Based on Wire-Grid Polarizers

By admin · Core Tech · 30/05/14

Moxtek has developed a new polarizer technology for the visible spectrum based on the technology of nanometer-scale wire-grids. They have named their technology ProFlux Polarizers. These polarizers are extremely durable in the LCOS and transmissive light valve projector environment. They also offer very attractive optical performance characteristics as beam splitters in the imaging path, especially for an LCOS-type system. However, since they are plate beamsplitters, they are not a direct replacement for current cube beamsplitters. The proper optical system architecture based on the Moxtek ProFlux technology will exhibit significant improvements in image contrast, contrast uniformity, brightness uniformity, and color uniformity. This paper compares performance of conventional beamsplitter cubes with the ProFlux™ beamsplitter. It suggests optical architectures that favor the characteristics of this new beamsplitter while avoiding the problems characteristic of a plate beamsplitter. Test data on polarizers and example system performance will be presented.
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