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Volume Manufacturing of Metalens

By Collin Hayward · Datasheets · 30/01/23

Volume Manufacturing of Metalens Moxtek manufactures high-performance metalenses for visible and IR wavelengths. Moxtek offers a full solution, including design, fabrication, measurement, and packaging capabilities. Our metalens design team can optimize the lens design to match custom applications. Our foundry service bridges the gap from research to production by offering prototyping and volume manufacturing of metalens. Metalens benefits include reduced track length and weight in optical systems. They can have more design flexibility, added functionalities, shorter focal lengths and smaller diameters compared to traditional optics. Moxtek has overcome various challenges associated with scaling up visible wavelength metalens manufacturing to production volumes. We have developed efficient methods to create masters combined with our existing NIL processing to provide a full solution approach to volume production. Click here to view the datasheet  
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