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ProFlux® Nanowire® Ultraviolet polarizers offer excellent solutions for UV and DUV applications. High transmission and high contrast choices are available. View document »

BX-1 Low Energy X-ray Window (WIN-DATA-1007) The Moxtek® BX-1 x-ray window is Moxtek’s new low energy x-ray window for microanalysis. View document »

The ProFlux BIR Series Infrared polarizer, designed using Moxtek Nanowire Technology, provides unparalleled broadband infrared performance. Moxtek’s high volume production capacity ensures availability and supports high volume applications. View document »

Ultra Broadband polarizer’s are designed to offer an excellent solution for almost any multi-wavelength application. The wide-band characteristics of this polarizer, enables a wide range of products and technologies. View document »

ProFlux® polarizers are designed using Moxtek® Nanowire® Technology to control light and image polarization even in high energy and high temperature applications. Made from highly durable materials, ProFlux provides pure polarization that gives high contrast and a bright image for the life of the projector or instrument. View document »

Pixelated polarizers are designed using Moxtek® Nanowire® Technology. Pixelated polarizers are available as two, three and four-state devices for polarimetric imaging. View document »

ProFlux® beamsplitter Nanowire® Technology is optimized to operate at 45°, providing durable polarizing beamsplitters. These beamsplitters can be used for a variety of both imaging and non-imaging applications for display products and scientific instruments. View document »

ProFlux® SIR Series Infrared polarizers provide excellent broadband infrared performance for applications in the 3-12μm wavelengths. These IR polarizers utilize Moxtek’s unique Nanowire® Technology, specially engineered anti-reflective coatings, and high quality thin silicon substrates to achieve high transmission and contrast. View document »

ProFlux® polarizers are designed using Moxtek® Nanowire® Technology to optimally control light and image polarization. These polarizers are compatible with high energy and high temperature environments. View document »