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Moxtek offers state of the art NIL volume manufacturing on 8-inch wafers. We have demonstrated stamp life up to 1300 prints with SPC monitoring of CD repeatability down to 30nm. View document

We developed a 5.5 inch, VGA (640×480×RGB), stereoscopic 3D display using a precisely patterned wire grid polarizer (WGP) with rows of alternating polarization angle. Such a wire grid polarizer is invisible without the polarizer and thus a 2D/3D convertible display can be formed. The proposed structure is free of any limitations on both viewing angle and viewing distance inherent in the conventional stereoscopic displays, whereby enabling several persons to view stereoscopic image simultaneously. Because the proposed structure does not use conventional polarization film of TFT-LCD panel, it can be manufactured with low-cost. View document

Moxtek introduces a flat ProFlux™ wire-grid polarizing beam splitter for use in projection systems where preservation of image quality is required upon reflection at the PBS. This paper discusses advantages obtainable when using the ProFlux™ flat PBS in projection display architectures, and reasons for these advantages. Specifically, these advantages include high system contrast, simplified designs with various LCOS panels, and inherent high durability. View document

MOXTEK has developed a new polarizer technology for the visible spectrum based on the technology of nanometer-scale wire-grids. They have named their technology ProFlux(tm) Polarizers. These polarizers are extremely durable in the LCOS and transmissive light valve projector environment. View document

Each year the Society awards the Display of the Year Award to several leading edge display devices or technologies that provide innovative solutions to an information display need. The following paper provides a summary of a 2001 Display of the Year award recipient. The new polarization technology described here enables new solutions to difficult and fundamental problems in the display industry. It is applicable and valuable in all types of Liquid-Crystal (LC) displays or other applications of polarization in information display technology. View document

We studied the optical performance of reflective wire grid polarizer designed for visible light. The polarizer reflects Epolarization and transmits H-polarization with low losses. When used in a twisted nematic (TN) device as a back polarizer it enhances the brightness and provides high contrast ratio at wide viewing angles. By placing the wire grid polarizer within the cell, viewing parallax is eliminated. The polarizer can also be used as the rear electrode. View document

Wire-grid polarizers are now available for broadband visible applications. This type of polarizer is very attractive for projection display applications because of its high efficiency, high contrast, and extreme temperature and flux tolerance. View document

The Moxtek Proflux UVD260 and UVD240 analyzers provide superior broadband performance in spectroscopy applications ranging from 240nm in the Deep UV up to 3.3μm in the mid-wavelength infrared. Moxtek Proflux designs utilize wafer-scale aluminum Nanowire fabrication technology to produce the finest-pitch commercial wire grid polarizers on the market. These deeply sub-wavelength optics offer the benefits of conserved space, an exceptionally wide field acceptance angle, minimal performance variation with wavelength, and none of the dramatic short-wavelength infrared disturbances present in Glan-Taylor and Glan-Thompson polarizers. Read more

The Moxtek® wire grid polarizer technology offers a reliable, highly durable solution to high quality LCoS display technology with a perfect polarization match to the LC imager. Recent improvements in the polarizing beam splitter (PBS) technology enable a 10% improvement in efficiency. Introduction This technical brief compares imaging needs and how Moxtek is improving its […] Read more