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For a number of years the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) has been fabricating and using single […] View document

Moxtek now has a full energy dispersive detector solution with Moxtek’s MXDPP-50. We will present characteriza […] View document


Moxtek offers DuraBeryllium windows mounted in vacuum fittings (CF flanges) with a proprietary high temperatur […] View document

Moxtek® DuraBeryllium® windows are the highest performing beryllium x-ray windows available. DuraBeryllium win […] View document


Manufacture of X-ray tubes requires state-of-the-art characterization techniques. For many years photographic […] View document


The XPINXT package is ideal for benchtop and portable applications where an integrated temperature controller is not required. View document


The XPIN detector is Moxtek’s best performing Si-PIN detector. XPIN detectors use a silicon PIN diode, multi-layer collimator, and thin DuraBeryllium window, achieving great resolution and x-ray sensitivity. View document


AP5 ultra-thin polymer windows are the highest performing x-ray windows available for low and high energy x-ra […] View document


Ultra Broadband polarizer’s are designed to offer an excellent solution for almost any multi-wavelength applic […] View document