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Come See Moxtek Pixelated and UV Polarizers at SPIE DCS

Event Articles, Uncategorized · 18/04/16

Visit us at SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing Expo Booth #123 to learn more about our Pixelated and UV polarizers. We will also have a hands-on demonstration of our PBS ICE Cubetm.   Moxtek’s® polarizers & beamsplitters are the preferred choice for applications that demand high performance, wide angle of incidence, and temperature durability for applications including:  projection display, Head-Up Display (HUD), Head Mounted Display (HMD), UV photo alignment, analytical instrumentation, and polarimetry systems.  Moxtek’s polarizers use patented aluminum deposited Nanowire® technology. These nano-wires are deposited on glass substrates and are extremely small providing high purity polarization and high contrast. Moxtek also applies thin film coatings to optimize performance and durability characteristics.  Our wire grid polarizers are available in various sizes and shapes in both substrate or mounted designs.

ProFlux polarizers benefits:

  • Brightness and contrast uniformity
  • Greater than 20° half angle without performance loss
  • Wavelength and angle of incidence independent
  • High durability and heat resistance


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